"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did also unto me."


“Let us help you spread the Good News!”

We are a non-profit organization that offers free logistical services to ministry projects located (mainly) in conflict regions. Upon site visitation we interview, review and document ministries in hopes of encouraging & supporting their development. The videos, reports, and content that we gather and produce are freely given to the ministry director(s) for their own use (and are only published to Least of These social media plugins at the request of these directors). Additionally, we offer to present these videos to any churches, youth groups, congregations, schools, or other events upon invitation.

Our core initiative when visiting a mission site is to gather and document information while respecting the dignity of the directors, staff, and culture. Permission is asked in any situation before engagement, and our work is done as discretely as possible with the utmost integrity. Gear and equipment are carefully selected per the mission location to ensure quality footage while minding the comfort of those being featured. With security as top priority during a site visit, all video/photo data is stealth encrypted immediately after being filmed and remaining so until our return to the US.

Ministries and organizations use the content we produce:

+ To inform & educate public or private groups, congregations, sponsors, and donors.
+ To use for online crowd-sourcing and fundraising efforts.
+ To provide a visual representation of the ministry to churches and volunteers.
+ To propose new projects, and show the progress of existing ones.
+ To present third-party verification of their programs & projects.

Our FREE on-location services include:

+ Drafting interviews that are appropriate per the ministry to be featured.
+ Supplying our own gear and equipment.
+ Conducting video and/or audio interviews with ministry directors, staff, and community members,
+ Attending daily activities of the ministries & documenting by video & photo,
+ Gathering information and relevant data for ministry project development,
+ Maintaining a daily log for the parent organization/ministry,

+ Stealth on-site encryption of created data,
+ Copyright and digital backup of all raw video/photo data
given to the featured ministry or parent organization before our departure.
+ Generation of Verification Reports
(upon in-person review of required documentation and site survey)

Additional after site services include:
+ Post production editing of footage,
+ HD quality fully mastered videos delivered via secure online dropbox
   or dvd hardcopy delivered to any specified US address,
+ Promotion through Least of These social media plugins (if requested)

Sending us to Serve: 

Our small family team utilizes years of dedicated ministry-related volunteer experience, as well as professionally matured visual arts skills in the mainstream publishing and fine art industries. Working together as a cohesive unit, we are eager to serve wherever sent.

Our on-location services are VOLUNTEERED at NO COST to the featured ministry! Travel expenses, food & lodging (with the ministry if possible), and any additional post-production service costs are requested to be funded via sponsoring party or parent organization.

:: Email: Leastofthese.global@gmail.com        :: Phone: 814-531-5065

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