"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did also unto me."

-:Ministry Videos:-

The videos that we produce are freely given to the ministry director(s) for their own use; and are only published to Least of These social media accounts at the request of these directors. All video footage and information collected is done so by the expressed permission of the directors of the ministry/mission/project featured. Many of our produced videos are published on private servers, playlists, made in DVD's, or otherwise used by either us or the ministry director(s) according to their discretion. 

The following videos are free to share for the support of their featured mission: 

Refugee Outreach in Pennsylvania.


Bethlehem Evangelical Academy : - located in the West Bank. 


Mosaic International Church : - Ramallah, West Bank. 

A brief glimpse at a great work of the Lord in this populated Palestinian city:


 Central Pakistan

St. James Primary School & Least of These Center : providing free education, uniforms, supplies, meals and support to impoverished & enslaved children.


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